Start Writing Things Down, It Will Skyrocket Your Productivity



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Hey guys, Kosio Angelov here, author of the Amazon bestselling book The Lean Email Simple System, and today I want to share with you one very simple, but very powerful habit that can really take your productivity and your organizational skills, and even your focus, to the next level. The habit that I’m talking about is very simple, and it’s called writing things down. Getting it out of your head and putting it on a piece of paper or on your computer or even on your smartphone, but getting it out of your head and putting it on some external device.

The benefits of writing things down

A) It keeps you organized, because you no longer have to keep stuff in your head, but you can externalize it to a piece of paper, and later you can process it.

B) Although there is no proven limit of how much stuff you can remember, there is always an opportunity cost. You cannot focus on too many things at the same time. Let’s say you’re out with your kids apple picking, and some great idea comes to your mind. You can either concentrate on being with your kids and being present in the moment, or thinking about that idea.

Sometimes, the idea is very important; sometimes it’s a new product or some marketing tool that you can use for your business, but sometimes it’s just what you need to pick up from the grocery store on the way back. If you keep it in your mind, if you keep it in your head, you’re going to think about it. Even if you try to suppress it, your brain is always going to be switching back to that idea and trying to process it.

Writing it down has a couple of benefits: A) it keeps you organized, and B) it helps you externalize your ideas and free your mind to really concentrate on the task at hand. Whatever you’re focusing on, you can concentrate now that you’ve externalized your random thoughts on a piece of paper.

Also, writing stuff down helps you remember things, especially if you’re using a pen and paper and you’re physically writing things down. It helps your mind process the information in a different way, so even if you put it on a piece of paper and then you throw out that piece of paper, you’re still going to remember it much more than if you just try to remember it. I know it sounds a little counterintuitive, but it actually is true. Think about all the times when you wrote something down, and even when you processed it and you got it done, it’s still in your head because you remember it because you actually wrote it down.

Getting in the habit of writing things down, whether you’re at home, or you’re at the office, or even if you’re outside, when something comes to your mind, always try to put it on a piece of paper and keep yourself organized.

Process your notes

But here’s a little caveat: let’s say you’re outside and many ideas come your way, and then you write them down, whether it’s on your phone or even you send yourself an email. When you come home or at the end of the day, process all your notes. Process all your ideas and put them in your system. If it’s something that you need to do, put it in your to-do list, or if it’s a call that you need to give to somebody, put it on your appointment system, put it on your calendar.

Don’t be one of those people that – you’ve seen them in the movies or as funny pictures online, where you see the entire screen, and you almost cannot see the screen on the computer because you have so many Post-It notes. Don’t be that person. The idea of writing stuff down is to keep yourself organized and not to forget stuff, not to overwhelm yourself with Post-It Notes or random notes on your cell phone or your computer.

As soon as you get home, if you’re outside, or at the end of the day, just take 3, 5, or even 10 minutes and just process all the information, either into actionable items or ideas for later. But process them in some sort of way.

Also, writing things down is helpful when you’re trying to focus on a task, because oftentimes you’re focusing on a single task, but sometimes a random idea pops in your head. If you try to suppress it and really concentrate on what you’re trying to achieve at that moment, you might not be able to. Take the 10 seconds or 15 seconds it takes to just write it on a piece of paper and just put it aside, and then once you’re done with your task, process that one idea.

This is going to help you stay focused, really stay present and concentrate on the task at hand, but this is also going to process your ideas for later, because think about it: sometimes, the best ideas you have come at the most random times. I’ve had great ideas about products and great marketing ideas while in the shower or outside jogging. You really cannot control when your good ideas come your way, so it’s important for you to externalize them, A) so you can keep them for later so you don’t forget them, and B) so you can actually concentrate on what you’re doing right now.

Over to you now

Get in the habit of writing stuff down. Get into the habit of getting it out of your head, out of your mind, and on an outside medium, and you’re going to see how your entire productivity, your organization, and your flow and focus are just going to get better. Do it over time, put it as a habit, make it a point for you to write stuff down, and your productivity is going to increase dramatically.

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