How To Supercharge Your Productivity Every Single Day

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Today, I want to talk to you about how to supercharge your productivity and your days. Productivity is so important that you cannot leave it to chance.

Your success in life is directly proportionate to your ability to take consistent action and get things done.

Instead of hoping that you’re going to be productive, I want to show you a very specific system that you can use to supercharge your days.

Think of productivity as a sport. You cannot just be good at any sport without practicing, without having the physical energy, without having the endurance, without having the mindset and the skills necessary to be good in that sport. You cannot just show up to the soccer field or to the basketball court and just defeat the competition.

You need to practice.

You need to make sure that you yourself are at your greatest possible level, and only then you can go out and you can defeat the competition.

It’s the same exact way with productivity. I want to show you and give you a system that’s going to supercharge your productivity every single day. Let’s get into it.

How to guarantee your success every day

How do you make sure that every day, you’re getting things done, you’re in the right mindset, and everything is set up for you to succeed? The easier answer is through an intentional morning routine. What you do in the morning can literally make or break your productivity.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself already. Some days you just wake up and the sun is shining, and you’re so pumped up and so excited without any reason, and you go out there and your day is so productive. You’re getting things done, you’re connecting with people, you’re influencing, and life is good. But then probably you’ve experienced the opposite side as well. There are days when you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and then your day was so boring and so demotivated, and you just didn’t have the energy and the desire to do what you need to do.

How do you avoid the bad days and make sure the good ones are there all the time?

Morning routine.

A good morning routine has essentially three aspects.

The Morning Routine Trifecta

First, it needs to charge you physically, because let’s face it – if you don’t have the energy to go out there and get things done, if you don’t have the endurance and the power, then when your energy drops and your blood sugar drops and you’re absolutely ready to go to bed and do nothing the whole day, no amount of techniques or time management apps or anything else can help you. The physical aspect of a morning routine is essential to your entire day’s productivity.

Then a good morning routine also needs to charge you mentally, because if you have the energy, but you’re not motivated enough, you’re not in the right mindset, then all this essentially goes to waste. You need to make sure that you’re pumped up both physically and mentally.

The last one is productivity, because if you have the energy and you’re physically pumped up, and then you’re in the right mindset, but you don’t know how to put those two things into productive use, then essentially all of this goes to waste.

I call this the Morning Routine Trifecta. It needs to charge you physically, it needs to charge you mentally, and also it needs to supercharge your productivity. Now, let’s get into more details of how you can really supercharge each of these concepts and really make your mornings a smashing success.

How to explode your physical energy

1. Drink your water

What do you do the first thing immediately upon waking up? You go straight into the kitchen and you drink a big, tall glass of water, preferably something between 8, maybe up to 16 ounces. What’s the idea behind this? You’ve been asleep for 7, maybe 8, maybe even more hours, so your body is dehydrated. Immediately when you wake up, you go into the kitchen, you have your water, and this is going to start waking up your metabolism. You’re going to physically start waking up, and we know from science that drinking water immediately upon waking up is going to give you up to 24% more energy for the next 90 minutes. This basically is the fuel for everything else. So the first thing when you wake up, go into the kitchen and have a big, tall glass of water.

2. Light exercise

Next, after your water, it’s time to do some exercise. Put on your running shoes and get out of the house. Preferably, go outside and go for a jog – if your physical condition, of course, allows you to. I’m not a physician, so please consult with your physician or doctor before engaging in any exercise. But for most people, it’s absolutely essential to go outside and go for maybe 20, 30 minutes of a jog, maybe a walk. If nothing else, just go outside and just breathe in some fresh air. This is going to further wake up your metabolism, get your blood flowing, and provide the energy that you need to accomplish everything else in your morning routine and everything else in your entire day.

First, you drink your water; then you go for some light exercise. And if the weather doesn’t permit it or your condition doesn’t permit it, stay indoors. It’s absolutely fine to stay at home, but still do some exercise. Maybe do some stretching or just walk around the house. If you have a staircase, just go up and down the stairs. You can do some yoga. Just do some form of activity. Get your blood flowing, get your body waking up. This is going to really put your entire physical energy into super-drive. It might sound counterintuitive; you’re exercising, you’re burning energy to win energy back, but it really works. So go out there and do 20 to preferably 30 minutes of outside light exercise.

3. Wholesome breakfast

Next, once you’re back from your exercise, it’s time for breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. You’ve been asleep for 7, 8 hours; probably the last time you ate was yesterday, 10 hours ago, maybe 12 hours ago. Your breakfast is the first meal of the day, so it’s absolutely the most important one. This one can literally make or break your productivity, because this is going to provide you the physical energy to go and have a productive, not only morning, but an entire day.

What’s a wholesome, nutritious breakfast? Something that’s made out of natural ingredients that are full of nutrients, vitamins, and protein. Try to avoid having a sugary breakfast, something that’s high on fat, high on sugar, because as good as they are and you eat a muffin and you’re so excited and it gives you so much energy – and then in 2 hours, you’re completely wiped out. That’s called a sugar crash, and that can only happen if you have a lot of sugar or a lot of fat in the morning. Aim for something that’s light, but is going to give you vitamins and nutrients to really do everything else. Eggs, some veggies or fruits, or even a juice is better than not having any breakfast.

That’s how you charge yourself physically.

First, you drink your water immediately upon awaking up; then you do some light exercise; and then once you’re back, you take 10, 20 minutes – it’s not that much time – have breakfast. This is going to make sure that you’re physically pumped up and you have the endurance not only for the morning, but for the entire day.

Getting yourself in a productive mindset

1. Your big goals

Let’s jump into the mental aspect. You’re charged up physically; now let’s see how you can put yourself in the right mindset.

First, concentrate on your big goals. What do I mean by that? While you’re exercising and you’re by yourself, it’s time to think about your goals. By goals, I don’t mean what you have to do this day and who you have to call and what you need to pick up from the grocery store.

I mean your big goals.

What do you want to accomplish in life? Where do you want to be in 5 years, maybe 10 years? Think about those big picture items. Those tend to be very exciting, because those are your goals. This is what you want to accomplish in your own life, so they tend to be very, very exciting and very motivating.

While you’re exercising, think about big picture items, and this is going to not only charge you mentally and give you motivation, but put you in a good mood. This is going to get you excited and get you pumped up to really go out there every day and just make whatever you need to make happen in order to achieve these.

2. Visualize the perfect day

Next, it’s time to do some visualization.

While you’re exercising, you’re thinking about your big goals, but also visualize the day that’s ahead of you. Visualize it from a perspective that everything is happening perfectly. Your day is just flowing in the best possible manner. You’re calling people, they’re taking your calls immediately, you’re connecting with them, you’re influencing your team. You’re just getting stuff done.

Take 5, maybe 10 minutes while you’re doing your exercise and visualize the perfect day. Visualize everything you need to accomplish that day from a perspective that it’s going perfectly, you’re achieving it at the highest possible level.

How to boost your productivity

Now that you’re all physically pumped up, you have the physical energy, and also you’re in the right mindset, it’s time to put those things into good, productive use. Because if you’re physically energized and you’re mentally pumped up but you don’t put them to good use, then essentially they’re going to waste. Let’s see how these two aspects translate into being productive.

1. Make a plan

First, take some time to strategize. What do I mean by that? When you start your work, instead of starting to do stuff, just take 5, 10 minutes, sit down at your desk when you get to your place of work –whether that’s your home office or an actual office where you need to travel and commute – take 10 minutes, sit down quietly on your computer, and just strategize. Know exactly what you want to accomplish in that day and take the time to really plan it out.

Don’t just start doing things; don’t just enter the office and then people start grabbing your attention and making you do stuff. Just take 10 minutes for yourself, strategize and plan your entire day. Because if you don’t plan it, you’re going to be in reactive mode the entire day. Instead of doing what’s important to you, you’re going to be reacting to what’s important to other people. Take the time to really strategize and plan out your entire day.

2. MMT

Here’s where it really gets interesting. MMT. What is this? MMT stands for Most Meaningful Task. This is the one task that is so important, so vital that you absolutely need to make sure that it gets accomplished in your day. During your strategizing session, come up with one Most Meaningful Task and take that one task and do it as the first thing that you actually do in that day.

Let’s say your Most Meaningful Task is to maybe connect with somebody. Maybe you need to make a call, and in order to move a project forward, you absolutely need to call this person today.

Go out there and just make that call before you do anything else.

Or maybe you decide that if you work for yourself, you need to write a blog post in order to really put your marketing efforts and put your message out there. If this is your Most Meaningful Task, then this is the first thing you should do.

Before you do anything else, before you take anybody’s call, before you get distracted, while the physical energy and the mental energy is still there, is still at its peak, go out there and do your Most Meaningful Task for the day.

3. The curse of the email

Last but not least, please don’t check your email.

What do I mean by don’t check your email?

Don’t check your email as the first thing that you do once you start working, because email contains other people’s agendas. Email is what other people need from you, not what you need from them.

Noone ever got richer from checking their email more.

Strategize, go out there, do your Most Meaningful Task, and try not to check your email first thing in the morning. Because as soon as you open yourself to the world, then other people’s tasks and other people’s agendas are going to come flooding in, and instead of you doing what’s important to you and your Most Meaningful Task, you’ll be reacting to other people’s needs.

So here’s the Morning Strategy Trifecta. It charges you physically by having some water, doing some light exercise, and having a good nutritious breakfast. Also, it charges you mentally by thinking about your big goals and your visualization. And then once you’re all pumped up here, then you transition to productivity by strategizing your day for 5 to 10 minutes, doing your Most Meaningful Task, and avoiding going through your email as the first thing when you start working.

This is how you supercharge every single day. You do this every day, in and out, and you’re going to see how your productivity literally explodes.

Over to you now

And now, it’s your turn. Because all of this is very nice, but if you don’t put it into action, if you don’t implement it, then none of it matters.

Take some time now, take 5, 10 minutes, and take this framework and put it into your own morning routine. Maybe you need to put in some personal twists; maybe you have kids, and after your exercise you need to go drive your kids to school. That’s fine. As long as you put all these little pieces into your morning routine, you’re going to see how the system works.

Once you do it a couple of times, you’re going to be hooked, because think about it: you’ll be physically charged, you’ll be in the right mindset, and your productivity is going to really skyrocket because you’re strategizing and you’re doing your Most Meaningful Task as the first thing in the day.

There is no way you cannot succeed with this framework, but you have to put it to use. Take some time now, figure out how this can be incorporated into your morning, and then tomorrow morning, just get up and get into it and just get it done.

Go out there, take action, be excited about your day!

— End Transcript —

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