How To Send Effective Emails Like A Pro – LESS Launch Video 3


This video is part of the “Lean Email Simple System (LESS)” course on email productivity. It was initially being sold for $197, but now I’m giving it away for free on this blog. Learn why I’m doing this here.

In this video – video #3 of the original launch funnel for the LESS course – you’ll learn about the “Email Boomerang” effect and how to neutralize it.

You’ll also learn:

– how to cut down on email reply time

– how to send attention-demanding emails that get replied to immediately

– how to write effective subject lines and email bodies

– I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get about email and productivity

– and lots more…

The video is a little longer than the videos you might be used to seeing, but that is because it is full of useful tips and tricks that you can implement immediately.

Inbox zero awaits. Just watch, implement, and see your email count go down.

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