email secret

The #1 Email Secret Of Super Productive People

When and how often should one check their email for maximum productivity?

This is the question that people keep asking me when the topic of inbox zero and email management comes up.

While that answer might be important to your overall productivity (and success), is not as important as the one to the following question:

When should you NOT check your email?

Knowing when not to do something is oftentimes more useful and practical than knowing when to do it.

Email is the perfect example!

In this video you’ll learn when you should never check your email, why, and how this holds the key to a more productive, healthy and happy day:

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how to clean your email inbox

Email Management Trick: How To Clean Up Your Inbox For Good

How many emails do you get per day is the question most people ask when the topic of inbox zero comes up.

The real question though is, how many emails do you get that you should not be getting at all?


That is the question that you should be asking yourself constantly if you ever want to see past the never-ending stream of emails. The more time-wasting emails you get, the more time you need to spend dealing with them. A time that you could’ve used for something more productive (or at least more fun).

It’s time to do an email clean up!

In this training you’ll learn exactly how to distinguish between “good” and “bad” emails and more importantly, what to do with them:

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time management strategy

How To Plug The Holes Of Your Time Management Strategy

The power of 10 minutes.

Most people don’t realize how much can be done in only 5 or 10 minutes. Even if you don’t do something productive, you can do something healthy, relaxing or even social that will make your life better.

But where do you get those 10 minutes from?

Have you ever finished something a few minutes earlier? Or have you went to a meeting where the other party was a few minutes late? A gap between your appointments? A long line at the oil change?

5 – 10 minute gaps of time are all around and when combined they make a big enough chunk of time to actually make a difference.

Unfortunately, most people spend them looking down at their phones or catching up with the latest viral video… and that does make a good time management strategy as I am sure you’ll agree.

Here’s how to use those 10 minutes to your advantage:

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blocking time

Time Blocking: The Immortal Time Management Strategy

Time blocking has been around for many years and has accumulated quite the portfolio of names – block time, flight mode, no phone days, etc. But no matter what it’s called, it remains one of the best, yet most underutilized, time management strategies.

People know about it, know it works, but never use it. It’s an interesting (and quite ironic) paradox.

The main reason – it is believed to be complicated.

This cannot be further from the truth and you’ll learn why in the video training below. You’ll learn about the major 3 concepts behind time blocking and most importantly, you’ll get a 3-step process which will help you put this wonderful time management strategy to use… today.

Enter time blocking:

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inbox zero and the otr

Inbox Zero: How To Get To It Using This Amazingly Simple Trick

Inbox zero.

Some enjoy it on a daily basis, others believe it does not exist and it can never be achieved.

I’ve been on both sides.

There was a time (not that long ago) when I couldn’t even look past the huge pile and never-ending flow of emails. But, I’ve “seen the light” and I now get to inbox zero on a consistent basis.

In this training you’ll learn about one of the most important tactics that I use that helps me get to inbox zero regularly. I call it the “OTR” and it has literally revolutionized the way I process my emails (and it will do the same for you).

Watch the video below, download the action planner and put the OTR to the test:

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increase productivity

Trade Offs: How To Increase Productivity Significantly (And Fast)


Abundant, never-ending choices are everywhere and are here to stay. You make them every day, at home, at work, even at the store (especially at the store with 47 different kinds of toothpaste on a single shelf!).

You make them with your time and with what you choose to concentrate on. And every time you say “yes” to something, by default, you say “no” or “later” to something else. Something else that can potentially be better. You make a trade-off. You cannot have it or do it all and that’s a good thing as long as your trade offs follow a set of criteria that you’ll learn in the video training below.

Trade offs can actually help you increase productivity, if used the right way.

This video will show you how to use trade offs to your advantage and will also challenge you to spend a few minutes to figure out your top priorities and what you value the most:

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