the importance of breakfast

The Crucial Importance Of Breakfast (Your Energy Can Sure Use This)

That important 10 AM presentation.

You’ve been preparing for it for weeks. You’ve have all your i’s dotted and all your t’s crossed. You are ready to bring the house down and give a presentation the world has never been seen before.

This is your moment!

At 9:55 AM…

…Your energy crashes as if it jumped off a cliff and disappeared into oblivion… you did not have breakfast that morning. As a result, your blood sugar dropped, taking down your energy, creativity, motivation, focus, imagination and all other qualities you need to get the job done. Bummer!

This is exactly what happened to a dear friend of mine (sorry, not going to name any names). Needless to say, he did not rock the presentation (or at least not as much as he could’ve).

This is an extreme example, true, but the scenario is familiar to many people who skip or have a poor breakfast. When your first meal of the day is nonexistent or made out of too much sugar or fat, your energy suffers. When your energy suffers, so does you productivity and  the ability to get things done.

The importance of breakfast to your productivity is undeniable  and you’ll learn exactly why in this video. Most importantly, you’ll lean about how to optimize it with a super easy and quick to prepare meal that will give you a sustained amount of energy for the entire morning.

Ready? Let’s take your mornings to next level:

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how to stop procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating Once And For All


The mortal energy of taking action, getting things done and productivity in general.

We all face it (some more than others) at some point in our journey to success. It’s natural not to want to do something, especially in moments of low energy and motivation.

But, if you give in to it too much or too often, your results will suffer.

It’s time to arm you with one of the best weapons against procrastination and shoot that little voice that says “nah, why bother, you can do this later” right off your shoulder.

Introducing the 2-Minute rule, a simple technique (inspired by the work of James Clear) that will help you stop procrastinating once and for all:

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what to eat for energy

Not Enough Morning Energy When You Wake Up? Forget Coffee and Try This Instead

The quality of your day is directly related to the quality of your mornings.

If you have a positive and energetic morning, the rest of the day will follow. In the same manner, a slow and groggy morning will make the coffee machine your best friend for the rest of the day.

How can you make sure you start off your days right?

You need a good amount of morning energy. And while coffee is the go-to solution for most people, what you’ll learn in this video works better, is much healthier for you and will help you supercharge your mornings like nothing else:

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Steal This Trick: How To Pinpoint Your Highest Leverage Activities

How do you figure out your highest leverage activities, the ones that bring you fast results, for the least amount of effort?

This has been the single goal of this 3-part series.

In part #1, you learned about the practical VPH method and how to use it to get started in separating the important from the trivial.

In part #2, you used some creative thinking and put yourself in two hypothetical scenarios to verify and expand the results.

Now, it’s time for the final piece of the puzzle – the “Extreme” technique. This is a trick that you can use to eliminate any and all doubts about which are your highest leverage activities. If you put this to use just for a week, you’ll walk away with crystal clear results and a completely changed mindset about what are the important tasks and activities in your life. It’s a transformational experience that will boost your productivity… and it’s quite fun.

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How To Figure Out Your Highest Leverage Activities (Part 2)

Not all tasks are created equal.

Finding the ones that can give you fast results for the least amount of effort is one of the easiest and surest ways to increase your productivity… dramatically.

This is exactly the goal for this 3-part series: discovering your highest leverage activities so you can use them to get to your success much faster.

In part #1, you learned about the VPH method. In part #2 (this one), you’ll learn another method that will help you either verify your results, extend your list of activities, or ideally both. With the help of some creative thinking, you’ll shift your mindset in a more productive direction which will help you distinguish between the trivial and truly important tasks.

Ready? Let’s get started:

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how to boost productivity

The 3 Most Important Words In Productivity: Highest Leverage Activities

Not all tasks and activities are created equal.

Some are a waste of your time and efforts. Some do provide results, but a lot is left on the table. And some simply knock it out of the park and give you the best bang for the buck, the fastest and biggest results, for the least amount of effort.

These are your highest leverage activities.

Is it magic?

No, simply the 80/20 rule at play.

But knowing that some tasks are worth more than others is simply not enough. Finding which ones is the key to your success.

In the video below you’ll learn about a simple 3-step process (I call it the “Practical” one) that will allow you to pinpoint exactly which are your highest leverage activities. Once you know them, allocate more of your resources to them and you’ll get to your version of success much easier (and faster).

Introducing the VPH method:

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