how to clean your email inbox

The Definite Guide To Cleaning Out Your Inbox (Gmail) In Only 4 Steps

The email inbox is the main hub, the HQ, for most busy people. Think of all the information that comes into your inbox on a daily basis. Communication with business partners, team members, friends and family, reminders, tax and billing information, promotions, updates, etc.

The inbox is like the port of Rotterdam (the biggest and busiest port in the world). A huge amount of ships bring containers from all the corners of the world. They all come into the same place, get sorted and sent out in various directions. In the same fashion, hundreds of emails come into your inbox delivering large amounts of information that gets processed and redistributed.

Because your inbox plays such a major role in your life, it is absolutely essential to keep it clean and organized. But we both know that is a huge undertaking and as much as we try, our inboxes get clogged up from time to time. Inbox zero is absolutely possible, but let’s be realistic, even the most productive people don’t have an empty inbox all the time. It is just the way things are. There are just too many emails coming our way and so many hours in the day. But to ensure that your inbox is clean and productive, you need to have a system, a process, of cleaning it out on a regular basis, even if you process your emails a couple of times a day (highly recommended).

So let’s dig into the exact process I use to clean out my inbox when I realize it needs cleaning. [Read more…]

how to handle emails

The Secret of How to Handle Email More Efficiently

If you want to be productive you need to be extremely good at handling and managing your email inbox.

While there are many ways to deal with email overload, one tactic has made the biggest difference for me and for all the people I’ve shared it with.

Learn How To Process Emails

Notice I did not say learn how to check your email, I said how to process your emails.

Getting into the habit of processing emails as soon as you open them is my single best weapon when fighting the never-ending war with email.

What does “processing” emails mean? [Read more…]

email overload

How To Reduce Email Overload & Boost Email Productivity

Email consumes a big part of the life of most modern day people.

We receive work, business and personal emails, notifications from social media sites, notifications about our bank accounts, package location alerts, order confirmations and the list goes on and on.

Most of us also write a lot of emails (hopefully not as many as we receive). The list of devices and locations that we can send and receive emails from is also close to endless nowadays. Most people have a work station at work, at least one personal computer at home (in most cases two), a tablet and to make matters worse, carry a smartphone all the time to make sure they can check email in the most ridiculous situations and places (e.g. the bathroom). [Read more…]

wake up early quotes

15 Wake Up Early Quotes To Get Your Inspired

Waking up early can be a daunting task, especially when you first attempt it. Nevertheless, being an early riser can significantly boost your personal productivity so it is an essential routine.

Here are some wake up early quotes that help motivate you when getting up at the break of dawn (or earlier): [Read more…]