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How You Can Save 396 Minutes Per Day With Minimal Effort

Everyone wants more time.

More time to sleep, more time to relax and enjoy life, more time to work and achieve your dreams… having more time is the ultimate goal.

However, we all have at our disposal the same exact amount of time per day – 24 hours. No more, no less.

Time is one of the rare things (if not the only one) that is the same for each one of us. Short, tall, rich, poor, white, black or purple, we all get 24 hours in the day. The question we should be asking is not how to get more time, but how can we make better use of the one we already have?

Time is all equal, but what we do with it is what makes the difference between living an OK life and being a high performer. Here is how anyone can make the switch to productivity and save 396 minutes per day in the process. [Read more…]

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How To Have A Kick-Ass Productive Start Of The Year

The holiday season is now officially over.

Hope you had a great time and you got to relax, enjoy some quality time with family and friends and recharge your batteries for what is coming next. This year is going to be the greatest one yet!

The time immediately following the winter holiday season poses a unique challenge every year. You are pumped up to start fresh and make every part of your New Year resolution happen. At the same time, because you took some time off, there is some catching up that needs to be done.

Do you dive right into your newly minted goals for the new year, or do you first take care of the pile up from the winter downtime? How can you handle all the workload that is coming your way in a productive manner? Let’s answer these questions so you can hit the ground running: [Read more…]

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Why Most People Fail At New Year Resolutions (And What To Do About It)

New Year’s eve is just around the corner.

This is the time when most people start planning the details for next year. What’s going to change. What’s going to be improved. What bad habits will be completely eliminated. We combine all of these decisions in our New Year resolutions and we promise ourselves that next year is going to be the best year yet.

Unfortunately, the statistics are against us. Only 8% of the people that make resolutions for the next year ever achieve them. That does not mean that you should not make a plan and put it in a resolution. It simple means that you need to create your goals in way that guarantees your success. You need to be the 8%, not the 92%. Here are the best practices for creating (and keeping) a New Year resolution. [Read more…]

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3 Productive Things To Do During The Holiday Downtime

Christmas is now in the past. You celebrated with family and friends, exchanged presents and ate a lot. Hopefully you got to relax and recharge your batteries as well.

But the holidays are not over yet. New Year’s is still to come.

Although some people are already back to work, for most, the period between Christmas and New Year’s eve is downtime. Even if you want to work and be fully productive, the rest of the world does not share your opinion. Many businesses are fully closed for the holidays. The ones that are open don’t operate at 100%. So even if you try to work, you can only accomplish the things that are only dependent on you.

That does not mean you cannot still be productive during the holiday downtime. It simply means you need to be more creative with the choice of activities. Below are 3  productive things you can do to help  you hit the ground running when the holiday season are over. [Read more…]

how to eliminate procrastination

Who Else Wants To Eliminate Procrastination For Good?

“I’ll do it later” – a familiar phrase that all of us have used at least a couple of times in our lives. While innocent at first glance, this is the entryway phrase to procrastination and putting thing off for “later” is one of the biggest enemies of productivity and high performance.

Procrastination affects as much 70% of the general population, with 20% admitting to being chronic procrastinators. In a study done in De Paul University, researchers discovered that 95% of the students interviewed said that procrastination is a major problem for students.

Since so many people are affected by it, I wanted to share some of the best techniques I have discovered that can eliminate procrastination once and for all. [Read more…]

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6 Surefire Ways To Stay Productive During the Winter Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and the new year is quickly approaching as well. As we near the official start of the winter holiday season, it is only natural to start thinking more about presents, Christmas decoration and drinking eggnog with your family next to the fireplace and less about work and performance. After all, that is what holidays are all about, relaxation, fun and family.

However, once the holiday spirit wears off on Jan 1st and it is time to get back to business, what you did during your “down time” will have a dramatic effect on your productivity. You can either hit the ground running, or take a few days (or weeks) to catch up. You can either be a cheetah and accelerate from 0 to 60 mp/h in 3 seconds, or a bear waking up from long winter hibernation.

If cheetah sounds like a better choice here are the best practices to stay productive during the winter season: [Read more…]