The #1 Secret of Handling Emails Like a Pro

The more successful you are, the more emails you are going to have to handle, at least in most cases. High level entrepreneurs and CEOs, and even presidents with armies of full-time assistants have to answer hundreds of emails every day.

So how do they do it? What’s their secret?

Keep It Short

The only way to zip through 500 emails a day is to keep your replies brief and to the point.

  • The shorter, the better. If you can answer a question in one word, do it. No need for long winded explanations if you can simply say “yes” or “no”. Steve Jobs is notoriously famous for one word emails
  • If you need to provide a longer explanation, try to keep it under 3 sentences. If you need to go into more detail, it might be more efficient to discuss the situation over the phone.
  • Skip the pleasantries. Addressing the sender by their name and thanking them for their email is good email etiquette, but it is not required in 9 out of 10 cases, unless you are sending an email to an important first-time client, or a person much higher up than you. Even with them it’s OK to skip the virtual small talk when you’ve exchanged a couple of emails.
  • Include an explanation in your signature. Most people get the need for short emails but for the few that don’t use, a signature explaining it. I use
  • Include “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from an Android device”, or the equivalent for your smart phone under certain emails. It’s largely accepted for emails from mobile devices to be short so adding such a signature will help get the people you email the most with accustomed to short replies.

So there you have it, the #1 secret of handling email like a pro – keeping it short and to the point with no extra fluff (just like this blog post).

What is another trick to helping you keep emails short? Share in the comment section below.