writing things down

Commit To Writing Things Down, It Will Boost Your Productivity

Paper is to write things down that we need to remember. Our brains are used to think. ~ Albert Einstein "Writing things down, what a cliche, everyone knows that, give me something more sexy." This is what a friend of mine told me when he heard my … [Continue reading]

productivity booster

Productivity Booster: The High Performance Loop

Have you ever been stuck in "planning mode" without being able to take action and execute your plan? Or have you ever been so unbelievably busy that you are unsure if you are making progress or just going because you are either used to it, have no … [Continue reading]

setting goals

Why Setting Goals Is Not Enough (And What To Do About It)

Setting goals is one the staples of productivity, time management and success in general. You want to achieve something, set a goal and it will (almost magically) happen! You know that is not the way the world works, yet so many people keep on … [Continue reading]

how to handle interruptions

Setting Your Success Environment: How To Not Get Distracted

Distraction are the arch enemy of your focus. Every time you get interrupted while "in the zone" it can take you up to 20 minutes to regain your focus. Ouch! If you do it once it's not a big deal. Do it a few times per day and the lost time get … [Continue reading]

energy booster

Quick Guide: How To Get People To Respond To Your Emails Faster

Do you hate waiting? Me too. Time is the most precious asset we have (and the most limited) and it should not be wasted on waiting. That is why we use email as a form of communication. It’s fast, easy and cheap. It should be at least. But we … [Continue reading]

ways to be happy

Little Known Ways To Be Happy

How to be happy? One of life's biggest challenges that so often gets overlooked in relation to productivity. A happy person is always going to be way more productive, than an unhappy person. When your mood is down, your motivation is down which … [Continue reading]