how to eliminate distractions

11 Efficient Ways To Eliminate Distractions And Regain Focus

You live in a small town (let's call it town A), in the suburbs of a big metropolitan city. On a sunny day, in the middle of the week, you need to take a drive to another town (town B). The fastest and most efficient way to get to town B is by … [Continue reading]

How to Set Goals That Will Motivate You to Push Forward

  … [Continue reading]

energy booster

48 Fail-Proof Ways To Boost Your Energy And Mood Right Now

Low energy equals low productivity. No productivity app or time management system can ever replace the need for high energy. If you are tired, lacking sleep (or good quality sleep) or in a bad state of mind, your productivity suffers. The flip … [Continue reading]

angry email

3 Things To Do Before You Send An Angry Email That You’ll Later Regret

You are seeing red. Someone just said or did something so unimaginably bad (or at least that is how it seems to you) and you are overtaken by anger. "I am so going to send him an email and give him a piece of my mind.... he'll see..." You … [Continue reading]

barack obama productive

What Barack Obama Can Teach You About Productivity

You think your schedule is busy? Try comparing it with the one of the President of one of the biggest countries in the world - Barack Obama - and you might redefine the meaning of the word "busy". When the responsibility for an entire nation in on … [Continue reading]

faster response to emails

13 Fail-Proof Tactics To Get A Faster Response To Your Emails

Do you hate waiting? Me too. Time is the most precious asset we have (and the most limited) and it should not be wasted on waiting. That is why we use email as a form of communication. It's fast, easy and cheap. It should be at least. But we … [Continue reading]