Inbox Zero in 1.5 Hours Or Less – LESS Launch Video 1

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productivity champion

4 Proven Ways To Become a (Productivity) Olympic Champion

Olympic champion. The highest title in sports. The ultimate goal for generations of athletes. The designation that says you are the best in what you do. What does it take to become a champion? Hard work, consistent honing of your skills and … [Continue reading]

Why Checking Email In The Morning Is A Bad Idea

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high ineffective people

The 7 Habits of Highly INeffective People

Being ineffective is hard work. It takes years of practice and a well developed set of habits. It requires daily repetition, dedication even. Even though ineffective people are so good at what they do, they don't do it on purpose. It's not their … [Continue reading]

Why Snoozing Is Bad (And What To Do About It)

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how to handle interruptions

The Surprisingly Practical Way Of Handling Interruptions

Ever experienced situation such as the following? You quietly sit on your desk and start working. It's hard at first. Your attention is all over the place. Your focus bounces around like a tennis ball from thought to thought. 10 minutes pass and … [Continue reading]