work from home productivity

The Pragmatic Guide To Being Productive When You Work From Home

Working in your pajamas. The ultimate lifestyle. The ultimate dream of working from home. The magic unicorn that does not exist. OK, let me rephrase that. It is possible and you can, in fact, work in your PJs all the day long, but few people … [Continue reading]

How To Send Effective Emails Like A Pro – LESS Launch Video 3

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secure passwords

How To Make Your Passwords More Secure Than Your Bank’s Vault (A Productive Guide)

73% The percent of people who use the same password for multiple sites. How many do you use? One, two, maybe five? Your online identity is as secure as the passwords you use. The more duplicates you have and the weaker they are, the more you … [Continue reading]

How To Cut Down Email Processing By 70% – LESS Launch Video 2

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science of posture

How To Be Damn Good At Sitting (The Science Of Proper Posture)

Hey you, yeah, you, sit up straight. Do an audit of your body and posture right now. Is your back straight? What about your legs and arms? How much physical space are you taking up at this moment? Notice how the simple act of being aware of … [Continue reading]

inbox zero training

Why I Am Giving Away A $197 Email Productivity Course

I have a confession to make. I dislike email. A lot. I dislike how much time it takes away from people's lives. According to recent studies people spend up to 28% of their time dealing with emails. If you work 40 hours a week, it means that you … [Continue reading]