what google knows about you

Google Is Watching You – 4 Ways To See What Google Knows About You

Quick, where were you last Thursday at 1:32 PM? Not sure? Google can tell you. Which one of your contacts do you keep in touch with the most? Google can tell you that as well. Google knows about you... a lot actually. Every time you … [Continue reading]

Inbox Zero Myths Busted – LESS Intro Video 2

    Download the slides for this presentation in PDF format here. It's time to play Myth Busters and bust some popular myths about your email and inbox zero. Myth #1 - "You need to check your email all the time in order to … [Continue reading]

know when to quit

Quit Already: 7 Ways To Know When It’s Time To Cut Your Losses

Stop whatever you are doing right now. Not literally. Keep reading (it's quite interesting). Stop. Whatever. You are doing that you know you should've quit a long time ago. Maybe it is that "dream" project that you started so long ago that you … [Continue reading]

Why Gmail Is The Most Productive Email Client – LESS Intro Module 1

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The Lean Email Simple System (LESS) – What’s Included

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not-to-do list

16 Habits To Stop Immediately (And Add To Your Not-To-Do List)

Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.     ~ Peter Drucker Choices. The world is full of them. You make them every day. And it's getting harder... a lot harder Never before in the history of the … [Continue reading]