Why Checking Email In The Morning Is A Bad Idea


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Welcome to High Performance Lifestyle Daily Productivity Tips. My name is Kosio Angelov, and in today’s video, we’re going to discuss why checking email in the morning is the biggest productivity killer. But to answer that question, we first need to address what exactly is email?

The purpose of email

Email is a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas. Think about it: what’s found in your inbox is what other people need from you. Not what you need from them, not what you need from the world; it’s what other people need you to do or have questions for you or anything that’s incoming to you. As important as that might be, it’s not as important as what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. In other words, your stuff is always going to be more important than other people’s stuff.

The productive way of dealing with email

In order to maximize your productivity, always make sure that you do your most meaningful tasks before you check your email. Do what’s important for you, and only then, once you’ve accomplished those tasks or that one particular task that’s going to get you closer to your goals, only then check your email and see what other people need. And I’m not saying don’t check your email at all; don’t get me wrong. You should check your email, you should keep in touch with people. You cannot just live in your own cocoon. Just always make sure that you take care of your stuff first.

It all comes down to being proactive versus being reactive. Proactive is being in control of your schedule and your time and doing the productive things first, versus reactive is spending your entire day reacting to whatever comes your way. You never know what’s going to come into your inbox. Maybe somebody’s going to send you something super important, something super urgent. Maybe somebody’s going to send you something that’s going to piss you off. But you never know what that is, so you’re going to spend your entire day reacting to what other people and what the outside world is sending to you. So always be proactive and maximize your productivity.

Over to you now

The productivity takeaway for today is never check your email first thing in the morning. Always take care of yourself, and only once your most important task or set of tasks for the day are accomplished, only then open yourself to the world.

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