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Trade Offs: How To Increase Productivity Significantly (And Fast)


Abundant, never-ending choices are everywhere and are here to stay. You make them every day, at home, at work, even at the store (especially at the store with 47 different kinds of toothpaste on a single shelf!).

You make them with your time and with what you choose to concentrate on. And every time you say “yes” to something, by default, you say “no” or “later” to something else. Something else that can potentially be better. You make a trade-off. You cannot have it or do it all and that’s a good thing as long as your trade offs follow a set of criteria that you’ll learn in the video training below.

Trade offs can actually help you increase productivity, if used the right way.

This video will show you how to use trade offs to your advantage and will also challenge you to spend a few minutes to figure out your top priorities and what you value the most:

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