Inbox Zero in 1.5 Hours Or Less – LESS Launch Video 1


This video is part of the “Lean Email Simple System (LESS)” course on email productivity. It was initially being sold for $197, but now I’m giving it away for free on this blog. Learn more here.

In the first video – originally part of the launch funnel – you’ll learn how to process your emails in record time so you can reach inbox zero in 1.5 hours or less. It is absolutely possible once you have the right system and the “Inbox Nirvana Framework”

You’ll also learn:

— how I went from 3168 to 0 messages in just 60 days.

— the blueprint to a productive inbox

— a unique way of setting up your inbox that will guarantee your success

— how to become more productive

— how to eliminate the stress of having too many emails

— how to spend less time dealing with email

— how to achieve your goals much faster

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— Begin Transcript —

In this video I’m going to give you a step-by-step blueprint to a more productive inbox, with the help of which you’re going to cut down email processing time to less than 2 hours per day. Also, you’ll be able to streamline the entire emailing process and email handling process, and towards the end of the video I’m going to show you how I can absolutely guarantee you success with the unique way of setting up your inbox.

Learning all this will help you become more productive and really eliminate the stress of having way too many emails to deal with. Also, you’re going to spend less time dealing with your email, which will open up more time for your business and for your personal goals, so you’ll be able to achieve your business goals much faster. And yes, this is absolutely all possible, so let’s dig into it.

An entrepreneur’s struggle with email

Hi, I’m Kosio Angelov, and I’ve been online since 2005 while still in college. But in reality, I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, or at least as long as I can remember. I started selling t-shirts door to door at 13, which was officially my first business venture. But it wasn’t till much later on in my journey that I started getting overwhelmed by email. I started two online stores. One was selling stuffed animals, and the other one was selling wedding accessories. As a one-man army type of business, I was dealing with a lot of email. I was processing orders, I was dealing with vendors; customer service was all my responsibility. I was my own designer, I was my own marketing team, I was doing my own business development, and I was dealing with all these contractors. So I was handling a lot of emails per day.

But as you know, there is a big difference between having a business and having a successful business, and it all comes down to marketing. I had to learn all my marketing on my own, and as you probably know, that means handling a lot of emails which are in the forms of newsletters and discussing techniques and different things with people online and on social media. Eventually, I got good at online marketing. So because I wasn’t overwhelmed enough, I started another business. I started a marketing consulting business. That added a business partner that I was exchanging emails with; it added consulting clients that I was exchanging emails with; and it added another full-time team that was spread across the globe in different time zones. My inbox count kept going up and kept going up.

And of course, I’m also a human being. I have my friends, I have family, so I have another set of emails which are all personal that hit my inbox all the time. I was on a sure path to email bankruptcy. What does an entrepreneur do when we have a problem? We start learning. So I bought all the books. I watched and listened to all the online courses. I followed the CEOs and gurus and everybody who had some information on how to handle emails. I was discussing all this with other people on forums and social media, and I actually started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I got some results, and I got better at getting my inbox to go down. But it wasn’t nearly enough.

But of course, I kept going. I kept learning, I kept experimenting, but it wasn’t until I actually coupled all the stuff that I’ve learned from other people with my own mindset and with my own techniques that I got to success. I ended up creating my own little system which helped me get from more than 3,000 unopened and unprocessed emails to zero emails in 60 days, and now I’m proud to say that my inbox is the cleanest it’s ever been, I get to zero messages on a regular basis, and I’m the boss. I actually control my email; I don’t allow it to control me.

The biggest email myths (busted)

My biggest breakthrough actually came when I started letting go of some of the biggest misconceptions I had about email, and because these are misconceptions and really myths that I know a lot of people have and a lot of people believe, I want to bust them right now.

One of the biggest misconceptions about it is that you need to spend a lot of time in your email in order to make it happen, and that is a complete myth, as you’ll see later on in this video. Another major misconception is that you need to keep your inbox all the time in order for you to really achieve email Nirvana, and that is a complete myth and it’s completely busted. I’ll show you how to really achieve the same amount of success that I’ve achieved, and I can guarantee you, everybody can do this. So let me teach you how I did it.

Welcome to the Email Nirvana Framework. This is a very simple framework that consists of three very simple but very powerful concepts, so let’s dig into the first one.

How many times per day to check your email

The first concept that I want to teach you is about how many times per day to check your email. The old way of doing things is keeping email open all the time, which is also known as email wears the pants in the family, because when you keep your email open all the time, you are actually at the mercy of your email. You’re at the mercy of other people, and you don’t really control your time. So here’s the first concept and here’s the new way of doing things: check email only three times a day, also known as you control your time and your schedule, also known as you’re the boss. Checking your email three times a day really puts you in the driver’s seat, puts you on top of your schedule and on top of your time, because now you control when you check your email and how you do it. So the first concept is check email three times a day and three times a day only.

How much time to spend in email

Concept #2 has to do with how many and which emails we process. The old way of doing things is we open, read, and process only the important emails, AKA we’re too busy to clean our entire inbox, which leads to constant overwhelm, because what is actually an important email, and how do you know if you don’t process all the emails? The new way of doing things is each time you open your email, dedicate 15 to 30 minutes and process all your emails, AKA in charge of your inbox and your emails, also known as the No Email Left Behind Act. I really want you from this point onward to start processing all your emails. Dedicate 15 to 30 minutes each time you open your inbox, which is three times a day, and process all your emails.

I know what some of you are thinking right now: does 15 to 30 minutes three times a day actually give me enough time to process all my emails? Yes, to answer your question, I do have mind reading skills; I know what you’re thinking. So let me answer that question for you.

Let’s do some math. I know it’s very “exciting,” but I promise it’s going to be very quick and very painless, so just stick with me for just a couple seconds. If we take into account that the average email is 40 to 60 words and the average reading speed of a normal human being is about 275 words per minute, we end up with 165 emails in 30 minutes. Technically speaking, you can read 165 emails in only 30 minutes, and this is about 495 emails per day.

But of course, you don’t only read your emails. Some of the emails need to be replied to. The average typing speed is about 40 words per minute, but for all of us old people that work on a computer all day long, it’s typically around 60 words per minute. The average reply time is about 1 to 1 ½ minutes, so technically speaking, in 30 minutes, you can reply or you can write 20 to 30 emails, which means that over the course of a day, you can write 60 to 90 emails.

Let’s total everything up. If you were following the concepts taught in this video so far, you’re checking your email three times a day and you’re spending no more than 30 minutes each time to process all your emails. Over the course of a day, you actually have an hour and a half tops in your email. In that hour and a half, you can read 495 emails or you can send between 60 to 90 emails. Keep in mind, this is just for one day, and this should be more than enough for most entrepreneurs to really handle all their business needs. If you’re reading more than 495 emails per day or if you’re sending more than 60 to 90 emails each day, and you’re not of course working in customer service, then you’re some sort of super entrepreneur. But for most entrepreneurs, an hour and a half, 495 emails or 60 to 90 emails sent is more than enough. I hope that really answers your question of “Is an hour and a half of email processing time per day enough?”

Now let’s get back to the system and to the concepts that really allowed me to go from 3,000 unread emails to only zero in only 60 days.

How to process your emails (the right way)

The last concept that really ties everything together and is really the backbone of the system is Concept #3, called the One Touch Rule. The One Touch Rule says that each email is touched only once. If opened, each email needs to be processed regardless of its importance, regardless of its sender. This is really the backbone of the entire system. This is really the glue that puts it together.

So let’s see how the three concepts come together in a very simple and very effective email processing system that’s going to allow you to really get on top of your inbox. Check your inbox three times a day. Each time that you do so, dedicate 15 to 30 minutes and process all your emails. Leave no email behind. Apply the One Touch Rule: once you open an email, you need to do something with it on the spot. Don’t just let it sit in your inbox; don’t let it just fill up some digital space. Just do something with that email, touch it only once.

If you start using this system, you’re going to start seeing the light at the end of the email tunnel.  You’re going to spend a lot less time processing emails, and you’re going to be that much more productive.

The OTR Gmail Hack

But let’s take it up a notch. Let me show you a specific way of setting up your inbox in such a manner that’s almost going to guarantee that you’re going to use the One Touch Rule. I like to call this the OTR Gmail “Hack.” Let me show you how it works.

Right now in my inbox, there is only one email, so let’s see what happens if I open it and I don’t do anything with it, but instead go back to my inbox. You see the email automatically disappears. What is the point of all this? The logic behind it is very, very simple. If you set up your inbox in such a way that if you leave any emails unprocessed, they disappear, it’s just going to help you implement the One Touch Rule. The One Touch Rule is really the holy grail of email productivity. It’s what’s going to take your productivity to the next level. And don’t worry; none of your emails are actually disappearing; they’re not getting deleted. Everything is kept within your account, so all your emails are going to be safe.

Let me show you how to set up the OTR Gmail Hack for yourself. Step #1 is to disable all additional tabs that you have in your inbox. The OTR Gmail Hack will only work with the traditional interface of Gmail, so if you have any tabs, you need to disable them. If you don’t, then you can just skip to Step #2. This is how to disable any additional tabs: click on the little gear icon and then click on “Configure inbox.” From there, just uncheck any additional tabs and click “Save” on the bottom, and Step 1 is complete.

In Step #2, we need to filter all emails. The way you do it is you click on the little arrow that’s in the search bar. From there, in the “From” field, enter asterisks, which is Shift + 8. On the bottom, you just click “Create filter.” If any pop-ups come up, just click OK; this is just Gmail making sure that you want to do this action. On the next screen, just click “Skip the inbox” and on the bottom click “Create filter,” and Step #2 is complete.

In Step #3, we need to enable a Gmail Lab called Multiple Inboxes. To do so, you need to go into Settings, then click on the Labs tab and scroll all the way down till you find something called Multiple Inboxes. Click on “Enable,” scroll all the way down and just make sure you click on “Save Changes,” and Step #3 is complete.

In the last step, Step #4, we need to set up multiple inboxes the right way. After you enable the Lab in the previous step, your inbox might look a little funky, but don’t worry about this. Just click on Settings, and you see that there is a new tab called Multiple Inboxes, so click on it. If you have any text anywhere else beyond the first field, just make sure you delete it. Then in the first field, delete the “starred” and change it to “unread.” Then on the bottom, click “Save Changes.” And that’s it. You officially enabled the OTR Gmail Hack, and you’ve set up your inbox for maximum efficiency and success. You’re officially now an Email Ninja.

Over to you now

You now have in your hands the same exact system that I used to get from more than 3,000 unprocessed and unread emails to zero messages in only 60 days. If you put this system to the test, it will actually save you a lot of time, and all this time you can now spend in working on your business or working on yourself. This system will automatically increase your productivity and really reduce stress, reduce all the stress and the overwhelm that comes from having way too many emails in your inbox.

But knowing how to process your emails is just the tip of the iceberg. In the next video, I’m going to show you how to actually eliminate all unwanted emails and also prevent new unnecessary messages from coming in. I’m going to clean out your inbox and keep it clean, because the key to email productivity and Email Nirvana is really not having that many emails to deal with, and all this is going to be covered in the next video, and I think you’ll really enjoy it.

And yes, you can do this. I’ve shown you in just a few minutes what do I do to stay on top of my inbox and really in control of my own schedule and time. I really love teaching, so I really enjoyed making this video for you, and I hope your brain is spinning with excitement about the possibility of a clean inbox. And one last thing before I go: please do me a favor and leave a comment below, and I’ll make sure to answer each one personally. Please tell me what are some of the things that you would like to know about email productivity and handling your inbox. See you next time.

  • Adriane Hunt

    Just found your system. I have watched this first video and implemented the steps. I am excited by the idea of being on top of email for the first time in my life (currently 45)! On to the next video. Thanks for creating them and posting them for free.