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The 3 Most Important Words In Productivity: Highest Leverage Activities

Not all tasks and activities are created equal.

Some are a waste of your time and efforts. Some do provide results, but a lot is left on the table. And some simply knock it out of the park and give you the best bang for the buck, the fastest and biggest results, for the least amount of effort.

These are your highest leverage activities.

Is it magic?

No, simply the 80/20 rule at play.

But knowing that some tasks are worth more than others is simply not enough. Finding which ones is the key to your success.

In the video below you’ll learn about a simple 3-step process (I call it the “Practical” one) that will allow you to pinpoint exactly which are your highest leverage activities. Once you know them, allocate more of your resources to them and you’ll get to your version of success much easier (and faster).

Introducing the VPH method:

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Question Of The Day

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What do you think is your highest leverage activity?

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