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Quick Guide: How To Get People To Respond To Your Emails Faster

Do you hate waiting?

Me too.

Time is the most precious asset we have (and the most limited) and it should not be wasted on waiting. That is why we use email as a form of communication. It’s fast, easy and cheap. It should be at least. But we all know that is no longer the case. Easy and cheap, yes. Fast, not so much.

The average person receives 147 emails per day. Combine that with all the other things that are competing for their attention at the same moment and you start to see why email responsiveness has gone down dramatically.

What makes it even worse is that your own responsiveness is tied up with the one of the people you communicate with. Even if you are the most responsive person who replies to emails promptly, some things are out of your control. If you are waiting on a reply from a client so you can update your team (or vice versa), the wait is making you look unresponsive.

And while you cannot control how many emails your correspondents receive, there are proven tactics you can use with your own outbound emails to make sure you get the fastest replies possible. Better outbound emails, faster response time, less waiting.

Here’s how to get people to respond to your emails faster:

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