how to set up email reminders

How to Easily Set Up Email Reminders

Does this happen to you a lot – you are on your cell phone and want to remind yourself of something so you send yourself an email? Or you receive an email, but wish there was a “snooze” button that you could hit so the same email comes back to you at a later point in time? I sure have done both of these on numerous occasions.

Sure, you can set up a reminder through an app on your phone, or add an item to your calendar and set an alarm, but that takes time and effort that does not always make sense to spend for a simple reminder. On the other hand, if you use the email reminders technique too much, it can become counterproductive as the emails pile up in your inbox. So what should you do?


FollowUpThen (FUT) is a simple, but very powerful concept. Instead of emailing yourself with a “check this article out tomorrow” reminder, you send an email to “”. When tomorrow comes, you get a an email from their system reminding you to read that article along with a copy of your initial email containing the link.

And you don’t have to use “tomorrow”, you can use any time in the future:

  • will send you a reminder at 3 PM the same day
  • will send you an email at 4 PM the next day
  • will send you a reminder in 3 days from now
  • means you are going to get an email on the 26th of January

You get the idea.

The system even takes into account the time zone from the header of your email so if you are in EST, 3 PM tomorrow will also be on EST.

Sending yourself reminders is just one of the ways you can use FollowUpThen. If you want to take it up a notch, you can use the system with other people. Let’s say you want to email your staff to complete a task by 4 PM today and you email them at 1 PM. You can CC in your email which will dispatch a reminder to all people at 4 PM. You want that reminder to just come to you so you can followup up if the task was completed, just BCC instead of CC.

You can even use FUT to set up recurring reminders in Evernote.

The use of the system is really limited to your own imagination. You can use it with clients, prospects, internally, just for yourself, with your family, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Did I also mention the service is completely free?

There is a paid version which comes with some nice advanced features such as SMS text messages, including your own logo in the email reminders and such but for the most part, I’m perfectly happy with the “basic” system.

Check out their website out for more information or you can just send an email to one of the example addresses above and test out the system yourself right now.