how to clean your email inbox

Email Management Trick: How To Clean Up Your Inbox For Good

How many emails do you get per day is the question most people ask when the topic of inbox zero comes up.

The real question though is, how many emails do you get that you should not be getting at all?


That is the question that you should be asking yourself constantly if you ever want to see past the never-ending stream of emails. The more time-wasting emails you get, the more time you need to spend dealing with them. A time that you could’ve used for something more productive (or at least more fun).

It’s time to do an email clean up!

In this training you’ll learn exactly how to distinguish between “good” and “bad” emails and more importantly, what to do with them:

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Question Of The Day

Here’s the question:

How many emails per day do you get that you should not be getting at all?

Tell me your answer by leaving a comment in the comment section below: