how to eliminate procrastination

Who Else Wants To Eliminate Procrastination For Good?

“I’ll do it later” – a familiar phrase that all of us have used at least a couple of times in our lives. While innocent at first glance, this is the entryway phrase to procrastination and putting thing off for “later” is one of the biggest enemies of productivity and high performance.

Procrastination affects as much 70% of the general population, with 20% admitting to being chronic procrastinators. In a study done in De Paul University, researchers discovered that 95% of the students interviewed said that procrastination is a major problem for students.

Since so many people are affected by it, I wanted to share some of the best techniques I have discovered that can eliminate procrastination once and for all.

Why Do People Procrastinate

Before we dig into the ways to cure procrastination, it is important to understand first what are some of the major causes. By figuring out the root of the problem, you’ll be able to completely eliminate it, not just use the techniques I am going to share with you as a quick-fix. You need to cure the “illness”, not just threat the symptoms.

What causes people to want to leave things for later:

  • Resistance to changewe are creatures of habit and we are naturally resistant to change, even when change can benefit us. It is deeply rooted in our DNA. By definition, taking action is introducing change into your world so a natural way to “fight” this change is to put off the action for “later on”.
  • The lesser of two evils – many people procrastinate because of the perception that the negative impact of doing the thing greatly outweighs the negative impact of not doing it. If your car is dirty, you have a choice between taking it to the car wash, or letting it be. If the idea of taking the action to get up and drive to the car wash is perceptibly worse than the idea of having a dirty car, there is no reason to take action. You are choosing the lesser of two evils.
  • Habit – putting things off is a habit for many people, something they have done so many times that is becomes part of their nature. Let’s say that you get up as soon as your alarm rings in the morning. But for some reason, for one week, your alarm rings, but you hit the snooze button. At first it is odd to do it, as your habit is to get up, but the more you do it, the easier it gets and you end up creating the habit of snoozing (which is a pretty unproductive habit). In the same manner, you can create the habit of procrastination by repeatedly engaging into it for a long period of time.
  • Bad role models – if you are surrounded by people who are not action-takers, it will eventually become the norm for you as well. If the accepted way of doing things in your social circle is it postpone and procrastinate, you will eventually conform to this social norm, even if you are not a procrastinator by nature

These are some of the most common reasons why people procrastinate. Yours might be a little (or a lot) different. If none of the about sounds like you, take 10 – 15 minutes of quiet time and really try to figure out what might be the cause of procrastination in your case. It is inefficient to try to fix a problem, if you don’t what the cause is.

How To Eliminate Procrastination

Now that you know what the cause is, let me show you what some of the best ways to completely eliminate the problem are. I’ve made this short video to give you my best procrastination fighting techniques.


Over To You Now

Procrastination is a real performance killer so it needs to be addressed and eliminated. Start by figuring out what the cause is first and only then put the techniques discussed in the video to use. Set deadlines for your goals and for the actions you are most likely to put off. If you need an extra push, let the world know what you are doing and set a public deadline and you’ll see how your procrastination will naturally just fade off to clear the way for high performance.

If procrastination is a real problem for you and you need an extra push to get rid of it, check out “The Procrastination Cure”. It is the exact system I created for myself that helped me go from a chronic procrastinator to writing a book in only 17 days. Check it out here.

What are some of the techniques that help you prevent and cure procrastination? Share in the comment section below.