How To Cut Down Email Processing By 70% – LESS Launch Video 2


This video is part of the “Lean Email Simple System (LESS)” course on email productivity. It was initially being sold for $197, but now I’m giving it away for free on this blog. Get the full scoop here.

In this video – part of the original launch funnel for the LESS course – you’ll learn how to eliminate all unnecessary emails.

You’ll also learn:

– how to cut down your email processing time by up to 70%

– how to clean out your inbox quickly

– how to future proof it so you don’t run into any issues down the road

– how the myth of having to be constantly plugged in to your inbox in order to stay on top of it is completely busted

– the 4-question formula for deciding if an email is to be kept or not (very sneaky)

– and lots more…

The video is jam-packed with techniques that will help you reach inbox zero.

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  • Adriane Hunt

    Thank you so much for sharing this information for free. I have been overwhelmed by my personal email account for years. So much so that I was considering getting a new email address but of course that wouldn’t have changed the habits that got my Inbox so full. Your method has saved me from trying to find a catch new email address as well as from current and future email deluge.