How To Boost Your Results And Reduce Your Hours and Your Stress

Today, I want to talk to you about taking your productivity to the next level and reducing your stress in the mean time.

About 24 hours ago, I sent out a survey to ask about your main questions about productivity and time management. The response was overwhelming (thank you for that, I love getting all this feedback and learning how I can best serve you). I thought I’d send you a quick note and answer some of the most common questions you sent my way.

True productivity can only be achieved by having the right systems in place. Having a system to follow, streamlining your day-to-day activities puts you in charge. In charge of your time, of your day and ultimate, of your life. When you are in control, stress naturally fades away in the background. You become more focused, you produce more, you free up your time for the people and activities that matter to you.

When you have a system, you know what needs to be done, when, and in what order so you don’t have to waste any time thinking about it. It also sets you up for success, for being the best version of yourself, for being productive. Your success is intertwined with your productivity so you cannot leave it to chance. You need to have a system that makes sure every day is win for you, no matter the circumstances.

Being in control is the ultimate goal of productivity. And the quickest and easiest way to get there is through having the right systems in place. I want to share with you 3 such systems.

System #1 – Streamline Your Mornings

The quality of your mornings dictate how the rest of the day is going to turn out.

If you have a good, happy, energetic morning, you’ll have a productive day. If you start the day in a stressed and negative manner, it will affect your mood and productivity for the rest of the day. Because mornings are so essential to your success, you need to have a system, a morning routine, in place to guarantee your results. Having a morning routine that puts you in the right set of mind and charges you with enough physical energy to last you for the whole day is going to make sure every days is a productive one, no matter what. It’s like having your very own recipe for success. You know it works, you just need to get the right ingredients and mix them in the right order and you can expect the same results over and over again.

System #2 – Streamline Your Inbox

An inbox out of control is a major source of stress. Studies have shown that people sped up to 28% of their time dealing with email. The worst part is the emailing is not even productive work, it is just busy work.

Having a system in place to deal with your inbox is essential to your productivity and your stress levels. Here are the basic elements of a good system:
•   Check your email 3 times a day only. Be proactive vs reactive.
•   Process all your messages, don’t leave any emails just sitting there “for later”. You open it, you need to do something with it.
•   Disable all your devices from automatically receiving notifications about a new email.
•   Unsubscribe from all marketing messages, coupons and deals that you don’t open anyhow.

It might sound too simple to work, but it does. Simple systems are some of the most effective ones so don’t underestimate them.

System #3 – Streamline Your Daily Activities

You cannot do it all. No one can, at least not by themselves. You should concentrate the majority of your time in two areas of activities, things that you are extremely good at, or thing that you enjoy doing.

Everything else should be outsourced to people who can do it better and more efficiently than you. Think of yourself as the CEO and of your daily activities as the company you are in charge of. A CEO does not do the marketing, the finances, the taxes, the office management and everything else, they hire people to do it. This way the company’s success is not dependent solely on the CEO, but on the efforts of the entire team. Your job as a CEO is to find the right people, train them and let them take over a certain role in the company.

You can outsource almost any activity. From grocery buying and cleaning of the house on a personal level to marketing, design and customer support on the business side. Any repetitive task can be outsourced to people who can do it quickly, efficiently, and often times, better than you. This will not only free up a big chunk of your time, but ensure that things are getting done each and every day regardless of your involvement.

Over to you now

I’ve been teaching this type of systems for a very long time now and they are awesome. They are very easy to implement and people see immediate results. They are great for productivity beginners who are just starting out, but also for advanced time management ninjas who just need that extra push to reach the next level.

Previously, I’ve only provided these systems to my 1-on-1 coaching clients, but people have been asking me about ways to simplify their days and get in charge of their lives and time so I decided to do a live training on the topic. It is going to be a series of 3 webinars over the course of 3 weeks and they are going to cover how to simplify your days, get in charge of your inbox and cut your stress in half. It is going to be an interactive training where you get to ask me questions during the live webinars and in the group we are going to create specifically for this training. I’ll walk you though step by step some really cool processes that you can put to use immediately after the call. I’ll show you all the tools, all the tactics and everything you need to do to start seeing fast results.

By the end of the training, you would’ve made your days much more simple and streamlined. You’ll be in complete control of your inbox and your stress levels will be cut in half, if not more. You’ll boost your results and reduce your hours.

Because of the interactive nature of the course and the level of access you get to me, I am intentionally keeping the group small. This way I can make sure I can provide an outstanding service to all. Most of the spots have already been filled by my consulting clients, but they are still some spots left if you want to join us.

I’ll be opening registration for the program very soon so keep an eye out for an email from me in the next day or two.